Adam Folker – Vert Shock Review

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Take your game above the rim

  jumpIt’s time we taught you how to kiss the rim, without using the ladder

Have you ever wondered how all those basketball players get up there so high? Natural, god-given ability is the first thing that comes to mind, and yes, nobody can deny that it’s a very important factor. However, talent will only get you as far. The rest is up to you, and we’ve got just what you need – a superb training regimen which will show you multiple ways to jump higher than ever before. From that point on, it’s only a matter of – how bad do you want to start doing some serious damage, high off the ground? Vertical shock program has all you need, and more!

Face it, your average vertical is getting you nowhere. You can have all the speed, dribbling and shooting, but without the proper hops, unless you’re a one in a million type of player such as Steve Nash, you’re bound not to get very far. Basketball (oh, and many other sports as well) is a game where jumping high, simply, makes a world of difference.

Blocking shots, getting rebounds, finishing in crowd over a 7-footer, those are some of the essential parts of the game. Parts which, if you’re not good at, will leave you stuck on the bench for good. Now that’s not the nicest feeling in the world, wouldn’t you say?


Vince Carter Dunk
The look on Kevin Garnett’s face says it all

So far, I’ve come across numerous training programs, exercise manuals, tips from this and that athletic coach etc, on how to improve your jumping ability. The results were hardly noticeable, at best.

Some of it may help you up to a point, but in order to fly like a pro, you need to work out as one. What you need is a carefully designed program, which will give you all the proper tools you need to go to that next level.

A program that works and, very importantly – works fast!



Vert shock – from the pros, to you

Justin jus fly Darlington


Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington is widely considered as one of the world’s best dunkers. We’ll reveal his secret for you!

Thought it may seem like it, for its phenomenal results which you will soon see for yourself, Vert Shock did not come as a gift from the above. It was developed carefully, with dedication, expertise and, above all – passion for jumping high! It took years, and now it’s here to show you how to increase your vertical jump fast and effective!
The creators of this phenomenal program are professional basketball player Adam Folker and Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington, a slam dunk superstar whose incredible hops have amazed the likes of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. And those guys would know a thing or two about jumping high, don’t you think?

jus fly darlington



’Jus Fly’ Darlington after a spectacular win in a dunk contest organized by Nike. I suppose you recognize the judges?





Adam Folker


Adam Folker posing with the Black Mamba

Adam Folker made it to the pros thanks to his incredible work ethic, tireless training and an undeniable passion to get better, every single day. He wasn’t born a gifted athlete, in fact, despite being tall, he could barely touch the backboard! Left out on the bench, with minimal playing time, he was, quite simply- going nowhere. Got a similar story? Luckily for you, and a whole lot of other aspiring basketball players, this propelled Adam into working harder than ever, in order to develop a phenomenal high jump technique. And this is how we were blessed with Vert shock.

Ask many true dunking fans on who they consider to be the best dunker in the world, and chances are that you’ll get a lot of the same answers – Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington. There are very few slam-dunk competitions that he participated in, and didn’t win. Like Adam, he’s worked with NBA players, on helping them improve their hops. Heck, this guy almost made the Olympics team in high jump!

You get the point-these two guys have formed a partnership, which has resulted in a super-successful vertical shock program!


What exactly am I getting with this?

Basically, you’re getting everything! Vert Shock consists of 3 phases:

  • Pre-Shock Phase
  • Shock Phase
  • Post-Shock Phase

vert shock

In total, these three phases last for 8 weeks! Yes, you’ve read it right – you’re just 8 weeks away from putting your next opponent on a nice little poster! In two months’ time, you will be adding an amazing 9 – 15 inches to your vertical! Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not!

So far, you’ve wasted time and money (not to mention busting your behind off, and risking serious injuries) on products and programs which, to put it mildly – suck big time! This got you nowhere, and here’s why – all the hard work in the world doesn’t help, if your methods are wrong! Vert shock, on the other hand, offers you the most effective workouts to make you jump higher, and to do it in no-time! These exercises are specially designed to target both aspects of your body – physical and mental, which directly influence your jumping ability.

This program, unlike others, will guide you through everything – your everyday training routine, your diet, stretching, working out, and resting! The whole content is digitized, in a high-quality 1080p video resolution, at your disposal 24/7! Also, after each and every training, you will be able to precisely track your progress, until the only thing you will be tracking is a number of opponents you’ve dunked on!

As if all of this wasn’t enough, at the same price, these guys are throwing in some extra stuff!

vert shock program

Additional Do’s and Don’ts on jumping high, a cool diet program and an awesome weekly email check-in system are added to the mix, for free!

On the other hand…

The only thing that this program cannot do is train for you. You need to get it and then train hard and proper, with determination and clear focus on what you’re trying to accomplish. Unlike most of the other useless stuff you’ll find – this training will start paying dividends in no time! And don’t even get started on cost-benefit analysis, as this program is, compared to your other options – more than a bargain! At a current price of only 67 dollars (hurry up though, as the increasing demand for this stuff might lead to the price going up, very soon!), you get absolutely everything you need!

Compare that to all the money you’ve wasted on special gear, workouts with a personal trainer and what not, and you’ll realize that you’re getting much more than your money’s worth! And if, by any chance, you’re still not convinced in this brilliant program, well, guess what? Its authors are so confident in its effectiveness that they will offer you a 60 day complete refund option, on the entire price you’ve paid for it. You just don’t find a more honest deal than that!

This program is simple, safe, easy to follow, and is, virtually – an ‘’all in one’’ solution. What’s even better, Coach Adam and his associates will be there every step of your way – to monitor your progress, answer any inquiry you may have, and offer you their constant encouragement! You practically get your own, personal, virtual expert- at your disposal anytime, anywhere!

Wrapping it up

8 weeks. 9-15 inches guaranteed by the professionals who have dedicated their lives to teaching people how to jump. This program will not only positively affect your dunking. You’ll be a much better athlete, overall – faster, stronger, much more responsive and agile. Vert shock reviews, worldwide, have been nothing short of astounding. It’s about time you checked why! Go get it right now, work hard, and see the results for yourself! And then tell your friends to bring a camera when they come to your next game, because there will be a lot of high-flying pictures of you to take.

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