Top Five Vertical Jumpers of all time in the NBA

A vertical jump is simply a person raising their center of gravity by the power of their own muscles. In sports it is used to measure an athlete’s ability. But in sports like basketball, it’s almost a requirement for top-notch players. When a player has the ability to jump vertically they can use their skill to control the ball better. Some of the highest vertical jumps have increased an athlete’s value for the team.

The jump is measured from a standing position of the athlete and they go airborne. The higher the jump is the more amazing and valued the athlete can be classified as. The vertical jump is usually too fast to be really seen by the naked eye, making the jump best in a slow motion replay. This is the best way to the view the jump anyway, because in slow motion a fan or analyst can really pick apart the jump and see what the athlete has accomplished.

The highest vertical jump in the NBA has been recorded at four feet, which was provided by Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan

Throughout Michael Jordan’s career he was known for his jumps. Jordan holds the highest vertical jump in NBA history. Jordan has played for Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards. His vertical jump has been recorded at 48 inches. To put that into perspective, that is four feet: the average height of an eight-year-old child. Jordan is six feet six inches, so his jump is two thirds his own height, a very impressive feat. He holds slam-dunk titles for 1987 and 1988. Jordan played ball between 1984 and 2003, retiring twice.

Jordan’s jump puts him six inches above the rim. He jumps five inches higher than Vince Carter, four inches higher than Lebron James. He jumps twenty inches higher than the NBA average. He is number one on many vertical jumping lists. Jordan might be he hailed king of the vertical jump, but he’s not the only one who can impress a crowd with his jumping

Lebron James

Lebron James has a vertical jump of forty-four inches. Just a few inches shy of Jordan’s forty-eight inches; but it is just as impressive as Jordan’s. James’s vertical jump places him four inches above the rim of the basket, only two inches less than Jordan. He stands at six feet and eight inches tall, with his jump and height he has the ability to not only make the slam dunks, but to block shots also. He is best as using his skill to keep the other team from scoring and then to dunk the ball for his own team. James has played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat.

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose has an impressive vertical jump, even more-so once you realize he didn’t let an injury affect his jumping: he took rehab for a knee injury as a chance to improve it. Pre-knee injury his jump was at a vertical of thirty-seven inches, but now, post injury he has been measured at forty-two inches. The rehabilitation for the ACL injury has only helped him with his vertical jump and career. His height of six feet and three inches makes his jump very impressive. He has played for the Chicago Bulls since 2008 where he’s experienced injuries and a return that has improved his jumping game. Since returning to the game, and adding the additional inches to his vertical jump, he’s been an athlete to watch.

Nate Robinson

Nate Robinson has a great vertical jump of forty-three and a half inches. His height of five feet and nine inches makes him the shortest players on this list. But that only makes his jumping skill all the more impressive. Robinson has played for the New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics. He’s been playing since 2005 and has been the slam-dunk champion in 2006, 2009 and 2010. His highest vertical jump places his head five inches below the rim, but only because of his lack of personal height. While in normal life, his height is normal, but in the NBA he’s considered a runt.

Darrell Griffith

Darrell Griffith makes the list because of his forty-eight inch vertical jump. This is the same height as Michael Jordan, but Griffith only makes it to number two on most lists. Measuring in at six feet and four inches tall, he played for the Utah Jazz from 1981 to 1993; when he left, his Jazz number was retired. While Griffith never received any slam dunk awards, with a vertical jump of forty-eight inches he still gets a mention on the list. His head when jumping goes a full four inches above the rim, which is only two inches, lower than Jordan’s. While most people haven’t heard of this guy, he was just as capable of an athlete as Michael Jordan was.

These five athletes prove that having the highest vertical jump can really improve their skill and value to a team. Jumping vertically for the NBA makes for a more valuable player because when the player can control the ball and basically fly through the air, it not only makes for a great game, but also for a great show.

Having the highest vertical jump in the NBA can make the athlete excel. Because when you have the highest jump you can vertically fly over the competition and control the game. Not only will that athlete help bring fans, but those fans still praise Michael Jordan for his skills and amazing game play to this day.

Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Derrick Rose, Nate Robinson, and Darrell Griffith: these top five vertical jumpers in the NBA can really be praised for their over the top athleticism and physical abilities because there are only a few players are in the forty-inch-plus list. Although more will certainly be added to this great list, their skills and abilities have given them spots in the NBA history as some of the highest vertical jumpers, and this place is well deserved.