Jacob Hiller – The Jump Manual Review

Too short to dunk? Not anymore!

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5 ft 9’’ Nate Robinson jumps over a 6 ft 11’’ Dwight Howard, while the crowd,
including NBA players, watches in amazement

5 ft 9’’ Nate Robinson jumps over a 6 ft 11’’ Dwight Howard

Looking at the picture above, you’re sure to think – ‘’Whoa, I wish I was this lucky! I wish God had given me the hops that little Nate Robinson has. I’d surely make it to the NBA then, heck, I’m even a few inches taller than him…’’ Yet you’ve tried multiple methods, ran up and down the stairs, you’ve jumped with weights strapped to your ankles (and risked seriously hurting yourself, by the way) and yet, after all this, the results have been mediocre, at best. You’ve barely advanced from your starting point. I feel your pain.

A high vertical leap is among essential prerequisites for a good basketball player – no matter which league, amateur or professional, you’re competing in. Moreover, basketball is far from being the only sport that requires high jumping ability. Athletics, volleyball, handball, tennis, soccer, are among additional sports where, to say the least, jumping high will give you a great competitive advantage over your opponents.

‘’So what is it that I must do, and how is it that I must do it, in order to finally see some real progress’’, you’ll ask yourself. ‘’ Well, you can waste time watching some semi-amateur YouTube clips on some unknown people trying to look like they know what they’re doing, or you can ask yourself – ‘’Is there a legitimate jumping program, from a legitimate trainer, who will show me the exercises needed in order to improve my vertical’’?

The answer is yes, there is! There is a guy, well known worldwide, and there is his vertical training program, which really does work! If NBA players trust him to plan their workouts, it’s safe to say that – so should you. The name of the game, my dunk-striving friend, is The Jump Manual.

So what is this Jump Manual?

Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller - reviewThis Manual, simply, does it all! It will give you your exercises, which you won’t find anywhere else. Fantastic HD videos will show you exactly how to do them. And to top it all off – a workout chart will enable you to steadily monitor your progress. And yes, I mean real progress.

Put simply, The Jump Manual is your everyday guide towards significantly improving your vertical leap! Of course, this brings about a proper, medically justified muscle development, which, in turn, positively affects other aspects of your athleticism – speed, agility, stamina, core strength, balance. The Jump Manual will not only make you jump through the roof. It will make you a much better athlete, overall!

It was designed by a well-proven trainer – Jacob Hiller, who did a great job of providing you with a whole concept of how to improve your vertical. It’s a process, and this Manual will guide you through its virtual entirety. It will show you exercises which your everyday gym coach hasn’t even heard of. It will show you how to properly do them, step by step.

It will teach you when to do them, but also when to rest, which is equally important. It will teach you the proper nutrition, which will have a drastic effect on your muscle buildup. It will provide you with workout charts, so that no detail gets left-off. And it will offer you a guarantee, one which nobody else will dare to – improve your vertical by at least 10 inches. Or get your money back. How do you beat that? You don’t.

Jacob Hiller, the mastermind behind the program which will make you dunk!

Jacom Hiller

You need a good trainer, with a good program which will take you above the rim, step by step, exercise by exercise – you’ll hire Jacob Hiller. Well, you won’t, since he’s busy working out world’s top class athletes. Instead, this Manual will bring him to your house in a high-definition video quality, and enable you to fully explore the benefits of years of his experience, working with today’s athletic ‘’freaks of nature’’. Oh, and all that – at a much smaller price than actually hiring the guy!

With over 10 years of experience in training of athletes on all levels, including NBA players and Olympians, and with special focus on developing vertical jumping techniques, Jacob Hiller is, quite simply, an ideal person to take your leaping ability to another level.

Does the Jump Manual work? Will it indeed take me to another level?

The Jump Manual will not work on its own. You will not be able to buy it, read it, and jump like LeBron James. It will require dedication and careful following of every single instruction the program has to offer. You will have to eat right, train right, and rest properly. You will have to show patience as, unlike the majority of other programs, this one covers all of the aspects which impact your vertical leaping ability. From mental preparation, to physical performance – this program will cover any and every detail there is. The good news is – you need not think about anything. This fantastic Manual has you covered, from your first day of practice, until your very first in-your face slam dunk. And beyond!

Follow each and every step carefully. Measure your performance day-in and day-out. Work hard, and have complete faith in the system proposed by a top-class trainer. Your focus will be – everything. As close attention to detail as you can possibly imagine. Does it work then? You bet it does!

Is this really worth my money?

This program doesn’t require any significant financial commitment on your behalf. Buy Jump Manual trial version for one dollar, and try it out for three weeks! Then purchase the whole package, if you’re satisfied with the results. It’s that simple.

In assessing a product’s true value, one must analyze its positive and negative aspects, and compare it to its price. Paying for a gym? You can stop that now, this program will not only replace it, but provide you with an up-close and personal training regimen, customized for nobody but you! At this price, you’ll also be taught how to warm up properly, eat properly, rest properly. Throw out your nutritionist as well, no need for that anymore!

Too busy, always traveling? This Manual, in HD, can find its way to your PC, laptop, or a tablet. Practical, at all times! Finally, the experience of personal communication with a top-class athletics trainer is priceless. Conclusion – definitely worth your money, and time!


Summing it up

In the day and age we live in, top advice from world’s renowned trainers is at our disposal, one mouse-click away! If you’re serious about improving your jumping ability, and taking it to levels you never thought were reachable, Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller is the product for you! The results won’t come overnight. This program requires seriousness, dedication, and your total confidence in it. However, as the testimonials of top class athletes have shown worldwide, we’ve finally been blessed with a product that works! Get your Manual today, and watch people on the basketball court gradually become in awe of your insane dunking skills!

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