The 3 Best Exercises to Improve Your Vertical Jump Technique

So you’ve tried a bunch of vertical jump exercises and now you’re looking for the best exercises that will improve your vertical jump.  If you want a better vertical jump, the best place to start is with strength exercises and jumping drills.  This will quickly improve your strength, speed and jumping technique, the three most important factors involved in a vertical jump.  For strength exercises, standard and deviations of squats and calf raises will help strengthen the major muscle groups involved with vertical jumping.  However, you could spend all day in the gym and never improve your vertical jump at all.  Therefore for most people, they best exercises for a better vertical jump is to start with technique drills.

Jump Rope

This exercise may seem obvious but it bears mentioning.  Jumping rope uses the same muscles that will help with an explosive vertical jump.  Just make sure you are actually jumping rope and not skipping or doing a modified type of run with the jump rope.  Jump with your feet together where both feet jump at the same time and land together again.  Try to keep your ankles together and your knees slightly bent.

Shock Jumps

Shock jumps works on improving not only your jumping skills but your take off as well.  Many people concentrate on the actual jumping part of the vertical jump, they never think about the take-off and the last second before they are in the air.  This is incredibly important to create the power needed to get height on a jump, making this technique of the most overlooked but best vertical jump exercises out there.

To perform shock jumps, stand on a box or other type of step off the ground.  When first starting with this exercise, six inches is more than enough although you can go higher as you improve.  Step off the box, land on the ground and then immediately jumping upward.  The trick to this exercise is that it is only effective if you jump as hard as you can as soon as your feet touch the ground.  You would measure how long your feet are on the ground in tenths of a second.

One Leg Frog Jumps

To do a one leg frog jump, first get down on one knee like you are asking somebody to marry you.  Then bring both hands down to either side of your front foot and round your back.  Now move all your weight from your knee to the front foot (and hands if it helps for balance) and lift your knee off the ground.  This is the proper starting position for each rep.
From this one legged squatting position, jump as high as you can in one explosive movement, landing on the same leg and returning to the same starting position.  Do this for several reps and switch legs.  This will help develop the power and technique you need for a really good vertical jump and has the added bonus of strengthening your quad and hamstring without extra squats.