Alex Maroko – Effective Ball-Handling Review

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Ball on a string? Yeah, it’s possible!

Ball handling





Chris Paul fakes his defender out of his shoes! Looks easy? It does. Bad news – it’s not! Good news – practice will get you there, and we will show you exactly how!











So, you got crossed-up again? Just when you thought you had it, in a split-second, your guy blew right by you! It definitely does look simple – just take the ball, move it from side to side, through the legs, and you’re free of your defender. Yet you try it, over and over again, and you keep losing the basketball. Coach is unhappy, the crowd is laughing at you, and your teammates seem to be losing confidence in your ball handling skills. You’re not the first, and certainly not the last basketball player who’s faced this kind of hurdle. So we’ll let you in on a little secret – one that just might be a solution for this damn basketball, which keeps slipping away from your shaky hands.

The truth is, in today’s ever-evolving game of basketball, handles are as important facet of your game, as anything else. I don’t care if you’re a 7-foot center, or a 6-feet point guard, good ball control will give you advantage over anyone! Losing the rock constantly, well, is sure to get you a front-row view of the game. From the bench, that is.

You’ve tried it all, countless exercises, pro tips, advice, YouTube clips, all those long days and nights in the gym, and yet your improvement rate is as slow as your handles? How about learning from a pro basketball trainer, who has put together an amazing ball handling program, designed to gradually, but surely, improve your dribbling skills? Believe it or not, you’re just one click away!

Getting started

Ready to take your game to another level? At effectiveballhandling you’ll start your path towards discoveringa new, different and, most of all – effective set of basketball drills for ball handling. What makes this program different from a ton of others you’ve probably tried so far, is that it was designed by a renowned basketball trainer – Alex Maroko. Thousands of players worldwide have used his methods, and saw their handles significantly improve within weeks! Yes, weeks, because a short time spent working out with a self-made dribbling wizard such as Coach Alex is sure to get you much further than countless hours of doing some washed-up drills over and over again, which will do nothing but slow your progress.

A little bit about the man

A well-knownbasketball trainer, Alex has worked hard and thorough, in order to come up with drills that will have your defenders falling all over the place, trying to get the ball out of your hands.

Alex Maroko is first and foremost a professional player. A certified basketball trainer specialized in dribbling and ball handling techniques, Alex has successfully implemented his ideas in over 40 countries across the globe. His unique methods might seem strange and different, in the beginning. Put your trust and your effort into his methods, though, and very soon you will begin to see for yourself, just why this knowledgeable and charismatic coach’s ball handling workout is a lesson that will change your game forever, making you a nightmare for the opposing defenders.

Believe it or not, Coach Alex was once just like you. He got cut from his team not once, but twice! Slow, unresponsive and unable to control the rock, he wasn’t much good for anything on a team. This is when he started, gradually, working out the methods for what is today a well-known and respected ball handling program. He’s invested a lot of years into this, and he’s prepared to share it with you in an instant! Here’s how.

Effective Ball-Handling

So you’ve finally decided to take that next step? You’ve visited Coach Alex’s page – effectiveballhandling Good for you. While I commend you for your choice, you’re quickly reminded that this requires hard work on your behalf. Much, much hard work.

Now as every professional in any craft, highly confident in his skills, Alex will let you in on his celebrated methods – for free! That’s right – after you have visited his website and entered your e-mail address, a free 4-week dribbling program is shipped your way! It’s called ‘’The Basement Ball-Handling Chronicles’’, named, well, after its place of origin – Coach’s basement!

You start getting into this introductory course, and you’re simply hooked! Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg, where you’re sure to start realizing the tremendous potential of this guy’s methods!

A hard and quality ball handling workout does not automatically imply a long workout. This is why this introductory program will require only 13 minutes a day of your time! So get your free Basement Ball-Handling Chronicles, and get to work immediately! Follow the easy to understand instructions, and in no time, you’ll be ready for the next step!




Now you’re slowly progressing from this…










…To this!





The next step!

Mastered your first challenge – The Basement Ball-Handling Chronicles? I suppose now you think you can compete with the likes of Allen Iverson and Kyrie Irving? Well, not quite yet! The good news is – you’re on the correct path to greatness! Now go get your Best Ball-Handling Program!

You’ve successfully started getting into the world of phenomenal ball control and having your defenders befuddled. Well, the exciting thing is this: you’ve just barely scratched the surface! The real drills, packed in a fancy video library along with superb tips on warming up (which is often overlooked nowadays, especially by younger players), await you within the Effective Ball-Handling Program.

This Program will literally guide you 24/7 – from the moment you’re up there on the field warming up, to what drill you do and how you do them (yes, Coach Alex made sure to include detailed discussion on the most common mistakes people tend to make while doing these drills), to helping you effectively monitoring your daily progress. Yes, this program will even tell you when to rest! Basketball is a sport widely played by both genders, and this program made sure to honor this fact by including a special set of drills designed for all you ladies out there looking to break some ankles!

Final thoughts

After being cut for the second time, young Alex made a note to – himself. Nothing motivates like a failure


As natural as it may seem when you watch the pros, it’s essential to understand that – none of them were born with the handles they have. They worked hard, each and every day, and, what is crucial – they worked within a proven system. Coach Alex Maroko worked hard to create such a system. He invested years into this, and as a result, he’s offering you a unique opportunity to not get cut. To shut up those naysayers. To break ankles, and with that – the pride of your defenders.


Is it worth your money and time? Hell yes! Follow the instructions carefully, do not take any shortcuts (as they will, at some moment in future, prove to be nothing but a setback), work hard, and in no time, you will find the other four guys on your team wanting the ball nowhere else, but in your capable hands!

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