4 Ways to Improve Your Basketball Skills

Learn the fundamentals of becoming more skilled in one of the most exciting sports in the world. This article will show you various different basketball techniques as well as basketball workouts to help train yourself to become the best in your field.

Ball Handling

Ball handling is the way you allow your hands to guide you when you’re maneuvering the ball. It is the agility and movement you possess when the two are working in conjunction with one another.

Being able to control the ball in your hands by dribbling, passing, and shooting is a key component to ensuring the results of excellent ball handling. It is imperative when first learning how to handle the ball, that you practice using various types of drills such as: ball handling drills, dribbling drills, and if you’re a complete novice – basketball dribbling drills for beginners. Ball handling is a primary and initial way to start with learning how to control the ball before you ever step onto a basketball court. It can be practiced many times over to ensure accuracy and establish a superior comfort ability level.


  1. Around the world
  2. Ball circle
  3. Between the legs – scissors
  4. Catch-catch-catch
  5. Pass and catch


Defense is when you prevent the opposing team from gaining control of the ball to advance up the basketball court and score a basket. By learning and understanding defense, you can accurately prevent your opponent from scoring and essentially allow your team to win the game. As a basketball player, you have to embrace the art of defense and master it to propel yourself and your team forward. Defensive tactics are used to ensure dominance in the sport of basketball and without it a team will never be successful.


  1. Defensive stance and focus
  2. Defensive slides
  3. Close out the ball
  4. On the ball defense
  5. Denial


Passing is a pivotal part of basketball. It is important to your teammates as well as yourself to share the ball and the opportunities that possession allows each player. Oftentimes when one player may be hounded by opposing teammates surrounding them, it is necessary for that player to pass the ball to a player who isn’t being as heavily defended or guarded. This allows your teammate to advance and shoot the ball. While you might be annoyed you missed out on the personal glory, you should remember basketball is a team sport. When the team loses, you lose.

When a teammate passes the ball it deflects the attention from them onto the player who receives possession. This allows the team in possession to make a play to run the ball to their side of the court and shoot the ball to score.


  1. Air pass
  2. Bounce pass
  3. Overhead pass
  4. Wrap around pass
  5. Behind the back pass


Perhaps one of the most debatable aspects of the game of basketball is the act of shooting. Shooting is the way games are scored. Without shooting it is impossible for either team in the game to score. A player has to work tirelessly perfecting the various shots they can make. Shooting will allow the players and the teams as a whole to advance. Becoming a skilled shooter will decide the fate of your basketball experience.


  1. Eyes on target
  2. Stance and balance
  3. Shot pocket
  4. Grip
  5. Balance hand

Basketball is a learned sport and while some people have born talent to play, it requires skills to be cultivated and honed in on to become great. There are dozens and dozens of techniques but those that have been listed here can definitely assist you on the quest to improving your basketball skills. When practicing the various techniques listed above, you can ensure that you are attempting to learn and perfect the sport. Basketball is based on a variety of components that require not only the ability to perform the tasks physically but the heart and the mind to go along with it.

The fundamentals of basketball can be complex and overwhelming at times but as long as you study and work hard to retain the rules and plays, it will become increasingly more understandable and enjoyable. Watching basketball will help you to understand how the pros do it. Look out for little tricks that they do, and see if you can replicate them. Of course, the best way to get better is to do it yourself. Play at all levels such as: middle school, high school, college, and professional basketball games. This can give you the opportunity to experience what the game looks like at various levels. This will yield to a learning experience that provides massive insight at all levels and help you to be the best you can be.

Improving your basketball skills may not be an entirely easy feat, but with determination, perseverance, and dedication it can most definitely be achieved. The key is consistency and a desire to not only become better, but to exceed your wildest expectations of what becoming better means. You have to understand that basketball is a team sport and not just meant for you as the individual. This understanding will also help you with learning the game and embracing the potential the game possesses.

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