5 Basketball Training Aids to Improve Your Game

If you are trying to improve your basketball game, the only equipment you truly need is a basketball and basketball hoop.  However, if you are looking to improve faster, be more competitive and bring your game to the next level, you need some basketball training aids to help along the way.
There are a huge variety of training aids designed to improve everything from your ball-handling technique to speed and jumping drills.  For some basketball training aids, you can make substitutes at home.  However, the amount of time you will save and extra training you will get in will more than make up for the cost in the long run.

Rapid Fire Net

This net attaches to the sides of a basketball backboard and is then anchored to the ground with movable weights.  The end result resembles the basketball free throw games at an arcade.  This basketball training aid lets you practice shooting skills in rapid succession without having to chase or retrieve the ball after every shot.

Training Braces

There are a variety of braces, straps and spacers that are designed to correctly position your arms, wrists and fingers when handling and shooting the ball.  These are especially useful training aids when working by yourself and you might not be able to see or correct mistakes in your form.  They will also help prevent you from creating bad habits when practicing on your own that will only need to be corrected by your coach.


Ladders essentially look a ladder place on the ground and can lay flat or have a few inches of height, depending on the type of training aid you are in the market for.  They are great for agility drills and can really improve your reflex and reaction times on the court.  You can make your own ladder at home with blocks or tape, but the set up and clean-up for this training aid is so easy and fast, it makes it well worth the price.

Multi-Height Platforms

These stable platforms come in several heights and are perfect for jumping drills.  It is possible to use a weight bench, chair, box or step instead of these platforms but these substitutes come with a safety risk.  Platforms were specifically designed for jumping and offer the stability and traction necessary to perform safely.  Chairs can tip and weight benches allow you to slide (as well as wear out the weight bench much faster) but these basketball training aids will take all the jumping punishment you can give.

Recoil Resistance Band

These come in several varieties that can either be attached to a stationary object, such as a pole, attached to a partner, or comes paired with a weighted sled.  They are used with speed drills and help condition for sprinting, jumping and fast changes of direction.  This basketball training aid is especially important to invest in because it is the safest way to perform most resistance sprints.