The Jump Manual Review

Get a top-class vertical leap workout, designed to make you jump through the roof! It has been patented by a renowned trainer – Jacob Hiller, and available in phenomenal HD video for you to use – wherever you like, whenever you like! 

Vert Shock Review

Add 9 – 15 inches to your vertical, in just two months! This special 3-phase program, designed by highly respected trainer Adam Folker and the world’s best dunker Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington, has all the tools you need, to take your game high above the rim!

Effective Ball-Handling Review

Want to handle the ball like a pro? Then you need to work out like one! Famous dribbling coach Alex Maroko has just the program you need!

How to get better at basketball

Basketball is the greatest sport on the planet. Invented in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts, by Dr James Naismith, it has evolved over time to become a phenomenal blend of athletic ability, style, grace, and intelligence.

Soon upon its invention, the popularity of basketball skyrocketed, and rightfully so! It is a beautiful game played 5 on 5, with the goal of making more baskets than your opponent. That may sound simple, but in reality, there is much more to this sport than simply running around and putting the ball through the hoop. One must think and act in an instant, decide when and how to pass, choose angles in a split-second. The combinations you and your teammates can make are endless. It is a modern-day athletic chess game, where outsmarting your opponent will give you an advantage – one that you will have to use momentarily, or it’s gone.

Another beauty within this sport is that it can be an up-tempo, or a slow-tempo game. You can find many different ways to win, and it all depends on your creativity with, and without the ball. There are many ways to dribble it – between your legs, or behind your back. You can pass it off the ground, or directly, using one hand, or both. You can shoot it straight, or off the backboard. You can softly lay the ball in, or you can viciously dunk it. The alternatives you have are endless, so – how much imagination is there within you?

Most wonderful of all – basketball is a sport made for everyone, and that includes-You! Don’t let people fool you when they tell you that you must be 7-feet tall to play it, or fast as a lighting. Don’t get caught up in thinking that only amazing NBA plays are what counts when you play this game. Basketball is not about exposing your weaknesses, but using your strengths. It’s about gaining a competitive advantage over your opponent, in any way you possibly can (as long as, of course, you stay within the boundaries of the rules). And it’s not about you and you only. It’s about your team, and how it is able to gel, communicate with each other, and act as one on the court. Championships haven’t and will not be won by teams with the best individuals. They’re won by teams that work together, play for each other, and have trust in each other. And that’s a true beauty of this sport!

Still, there is much to learn about this game. No matter which level you’re on – amateur, semi-amateur or pro, and no matter if you’re a junior or a retired veteran – there is always space to improve. And, this is exactly why we’re here – to show you how!